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Become an Adjunct Education Organization - Educational Partner

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Kidney Academy strives to support all professional societies with a mission to educate around dialysis access / ESKD. We can promote your society to our almost 800 members within our Member Portal.  (ie: professional society, charitable organizations)


Kidney Academy's mission is to provide education and collaboration to a multi-specialty and global medical audience serving dialysis access patients. We support all meetings, conferences and trainings as well as societies that aim to deliver education.​

We strive to unify our global medical audience and streamline education and trainings. You can now list your society's events with a dialysis access component on our new comprehensive Dialysis Access Master Training Calendar within our member portal. This calendar contains links to events such as: Conferences, Society meetings, Industry Sponsored Sessions.


If you are an Adjunct Education Organization*, Kidney Academy would like to support you at no cost in the following ways:


  1. We can provide you with a company login that allows you to add / edit your organization's educational events on the Training Calendar.

  2. We can build out an organization profile webpage that promotes your society with logo, description/mission, social media links, contact us button and web links.

  3. Your society will appear in our newly created Marketplace and Technology & Resource Repository.


*An organization with a mission to educate around dialysis access ESKD. (ie: Professional Society, Charitable organization)

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Get Started: List your Society & Events on Kidney Academy's Member Portal

Follow these 2 simple steps to become a Kidney Academy Educational Partner:

  1. Complete Application. Complete the 2-minute online application below. Click on "Adjunct Education Organization: $0" from the drop down menu.

  2. Upload Materials. We will reach out to your marketing person to collect all marketing materials needed. 

Still have questions? 
Contact Kidney Academy for a live Zoom demonstration and to answer any questions.

Email:  | Phone: 720.879.8252


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