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Who: Kidney Academy is a global multidisciplinary clinical community of Physicians (Nephrology, Interventional Nephrology, Interventional Radiology, Transplant Surgery, Vascular Surgery, General Surgery), Nurses, Technologists, and other clinical staff who are dedicated to ESKD patients requiring lifesaving access for dialysis.

How: Kidney Academy bridges the knowledge and understanding gaps that exist between medical specialties, global regions, access team roles and positions, and between the clinical experts advanced in their careers and the younger trainees emerging as the next leaders. We welcome diversity and a growth mindset for the shared goal of improved patient care. Kidney Academy promotes education and collaboration of the multidisciplinary team via CME accredited content and an online discussion forum focused on Cases, Journal Publications, and other topics of interest to the clinical community.

Why: Kidney Academy’s vision is an educated clinical care team who communicates and makes decisions in a coordinated and open fashion centered around the best interest of individual patients.

Mission & Vision

Our Members

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