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Kidney Academy, a non-profit entity dedicated to the global dialysis access community, provides an online platform that delivers accredited training and education and offers a forum for collaboration and idea sharing. Join now for free. 


Welcome to Kidney Academy

We're an education-based non-profit dedicated to the global dialysis access medical community.  

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Online Collaboration & Idea Sharing

Our Online Community offers discussion forums and numerous resources.


Online CME Modules

Our Online Learning Center covers the full-spectrum of dialysis access education with ACCME-accredited modules.


We're on a Mission

Access to reliable and applicable training in ESRD / dialysis access is limited, and significant protocol treatment disparity exists globally among professionals. We intend to change this. 


At Kidney Academy, we believe that training and collaboration empowers the medical treatment team and is paramount to improve patient outcomes. That's why we offer online CME modules as well as an online community to connect and share. 


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