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Earn CME credits through 15 ACCME-accredited modules on various topics related to dialysis access.


Connect with colleagues working with dialysis. Ask questions. Get advice. Share cases. 


Dialysis access resource library, webcasts, articles, interviews, expert opinions, and more!


What do the modules contain?

Modules contain: Text developed by faculty experts in dialysis access, extensive links to publications, videos, and detailed images. Modules cover 15 dialysis access topics. Modules also contain in-depth and cutting-edge downloadable PDF resources to keep.When complete, Kidney Academy will have 15 modules covering the full spectrum of dialysis access education:

1. Renal Replacement Therapies Integrated: The Global Perspective
2. Physical Examination
3. Dialysis Access Algorithms
4. Native AV fistula
5. Grafts
6. Peritoneal Dialysis
7. Thoracic Central Vein Obstruction (TCVO)
8. Hand Ischemia: Dialysis Access Steal Syndrome
9. Radiation Safety
10. Vascular Access Aneurysms
11. Complex Dialysis Access Case Reports
12. ICD-10 coding (for US audience)
13. Dialysis Access Catheters
14. Cannulation and Dialysis Delivery
15. Ultrasound in Dialysis Access

Perfect Adjunct to Live Meetings. Education and collaboration opportunities that serve as an adjunct to live meetings as you interact with diverse international specialties.

CME Credits from World-Class Faculty 

Delivered through an Online Global Classroom

Striving to empower the medical team & improve patient outcomes

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