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The Online Learning Center: Provides Online CME Modules.

Access our online ACCME-Accredited Learning Center with foundational modules focused on various aspects of dialysis access.

  • The first and only comprehensive, accredited online training program for dialysis access delivered by world-renowned experts.

  • Learn what you want, when you want from modules covering the full-spectrum of dialysis access education. 

The Online Community: Provides the collaboration and idea-sharing through:

    • Discussion Forums: Connect and collaborate with colleagues from around the globe. Participate in online conversations with subject matter experts. Ask questions, get answers, share ideas and resources. Gain perspectives from all different specialties that serve the same patient population from around the world - we currently have over 40 countries represented within our membership. 

      • Discussion Forums include: 1) Journal Club, 2) Case Based Learning, 3) Cannulation Club, 4) Patient Experience, and 5) Open Forum.

    • Training & Educational Calendar: A comprehensive calendar that links to events such as: Conferences, Society meetings and Industry Sponsored Sessions.

    • Dialysis Access Tool-kit: A toolkit of devices and resources for Dialysis Access, organized by general interest area (ie: procedure), subcategories of technologies used in this procedure, and further sub-folders that include manufacturer information about specific devices. Discover information about the available tools needed to perform certain procedures or find specific manufacturer information about products in specific areas of dialysis access.

    • Technology & Resource Repository: A directory searchable by Organization Type (ie: device manufacturer, professional society) and Technology Area (specific for device manufacturer) and Geographic Location served. 

    • Marketplace: A designed as a place to browse companies who have an interest in dialysis access.

    • Kidney Academy collaborates with experts to create original content: Case Based Learning presentations, expert opinion videos, webcasts, articles and more! 




Membership is ideal for medical professionals, academics/professors, researchers, facility directors, students, industry product representatives - anyone involved in dialysis access. 

Medical specialties include: Surgery, Transplant, Nephrology, Radiology, and Interventionalists. Material is also appropriate for nurses and technologists.

The Kidney Academy CME accreditation supports both physicians and non-physicians. PAs, NPs, and Nurses can submit the other certificates for reciprocity to their respective boards. 

Within just one year of launching, we have a global representation of over 40 countries within our membership.


Online CME Modules


Kidney Academy currently offers 6 online ACCME-Accredited CME Modules, and will soon be offering 15 CME modules. Modules contain text developed by faculty experts in dialysis access, extensive links to publications, videos, and detailed images. They also contain in-depth and cutting-edge downloadable PDF resources to keep. 

Modules provide the freedom you need. Modules are independent and stand alone, and can be completed in any order. Choose modules that are of most interest or necessity to you. All modules are self-paced. Complete the training at your own pace, in your own space. Once the module is launched, you may start it and stop it as often as you wish.


View common questions regarding CME modules. 


When complete, Kidney Academy will offer these 15 modules covering the full spectrum of dialysis access education: